Ryan Foerster & Bob Nikas

I have organized a night with artist Ryan Foerster and Curator/Critic Bob Nickas at The Camera Club of New York on Friday, June 14th at 7pm.

I hope you will join me.

As part of the CCNY Conversations Series, organizer Lindsey Castillo brings together artist Ryan Foerster in conversation with critic and curator Bob Nickas to discuss Foerster’s work. Foerster and Nickas have worked together on a number of projects, including an exhibition in a vacant lot hosted by Shoot the Lobster in 2012.

About Ryan Foerster & Bob Nickas

Ryan Foerster was born in Newmarket, Canada and currently lives and works in New York City. He has had solo exhibitions at Martos Gallery, NY; CLEARING, Brussels; Shoot the Lobster, Miami, ribordy contemporary, Geneva; Art Metropole, Toronto; Swiss Institute, NY; and White Columns, NY. Foerster’s zines were included in Millennium Magazines exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, NY in 2012. He has been written about in The New York Times and The New Yorker and most recently received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2013. Visit his website at www.ryanfoerster.ca.

Bob Nickas is a critic and curator based in New York. Since 1985 he has organized more than 80 exhibitions for galleries and museums worldwide. Some of his photography exhibitions include Wolfgang Tillmans: Freedom From The Known; Stephen Shore: American Surfaces; William Gedney—Christopher Wool: Into the Night, and Peter Hujar (all at MoMA/PS1, New York), and Photo Objects at Presentation House Gallery in Vancouver.






Thank you Francesca, I'm really enjoying this book.
Ideas so far that I'm in to:
-We make zines because we are losers.
-People who make zines have above average intelligence and below average social skills.
-Zines are a rebellion against the mainstream. (Duh, but it's nice to hear)
-Zines are not commercial publications (double duh...but wait now days you have publishers, commercial artists, and book stores like making "zines" - are zines contemporarily too commercialized or has it not pinacled?
-Zines are a novel form of communication and creation that burst with angry idealism. (This may pertain mostly to 1980s / for me society in general is less excitable...they're a bit more comatose)

This book is slightly dated, it was published in 1997, but none the less it has some validity and it's definitely a great history lesson on zines made in the US.

Ill keep reading, maybe it'll be inspiring.


LIC Sculpture Center

September 15 - November 26, 2012
A Disagreeable Object
Alisa Baremboym, Alexandra Bircken, Ian Cheng, Talia Chetrit, Martin Soto Climent, FOS, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Camille Henrot, Alicja Kwade, Charles Long, Sarah Lucas, Ann Cathrin November Høibo, Laura Riboli, Matthew Ronay, Pamela Rosenkranz, Michael E. Smith, Johannes VanDerBeek, Andro Wekua, Susanne M. Winterling and Anicka Yi



notes on books that I'm currently reading

I have been reading a few books lately. I picked up the Yayoi Kusama catalogue two weeks ago after seeing her retrospective at the Whitney Museum. I found her work to be colorful and exciting, but her story of self obsession and self imprisonment seemed even more enchanting.  Hans Ulrich Obrist's collection of interviews with artists titled Conversation Series, I began with book six, one of my favorite artists Wolfgang Tillmans. I've seen Wolfgang speak a few times, each time I get something new to walk away with. Jerry Kosinski's Steps was recommended to my by Tuomas.  The Bhagavad Gita is a book that I picked up at my mom's house last week.     

The Yayoi Kusama Catalogue 
Hans Ulrich Obrist's Conversation Series with Wolfgang Tillmans

Jerry Kosinski's Steps
Bhagavad Gita




a few more images from my trip to Berlin last month...more to come...

©lindsey castillo


Between You and Me: O+ Festival

CAPRICIOUS PRESENTS: BETWEEN YOU AND MEa photography exhibition at the O+ Festival in Kingston, NYincluding artists: Alanna Celii / Tanyth Berkley /Agnes Thor / Sophie Mörner / Andrew Laumann /Dani Levinthal / Aaron McElroy / Lindsey Castillo /Erin Jane Nelson /

+++I was invited to show some work in the O+ Festival curated by Capricious. If you happen to be in kingston NY October 7, 8, or 9 - check it out!+++


Florian Maier-Aichen

if you happen to be in belgium check out florian maier-aichen at baronian francey.....
"Revisiting the American West in Der Spaziergang (Red, White and Blue), 2011, Maier-Aichen borrows the desert landscapes of cartoon animator and director Chuck Jones to fully engage the spiraling relationship between painting and photography. Using transparent cels, acrylic and watercolor, the constructed scene is finally registered to film on a copy stand. The marriage of techniques, unique to traditional animation, is offset by the pronounced minimalist imagery of the circular form. Similarly, the painted triangular peaks of Österjön II, 2011, rising out of the dark waters like an iceberg or the last portion of a fatally wounded hull, are suspended in an interchange of form and meaning. In Ennis House, 2011, the artist's drawn symbols gain playful buoyancy as balloons, or props liberated from a nearby film shoot. As their seemingly random orientation plots our gaze onto the Frank Lloyd Wright landmark, eclipsing Hollywood's hallmarks, we are reminded most of the artist's hand." full statement here


Ryan Foerster in a Group Show at Laurel Gitlen Gallery

My friend Ryan Foerster is a part of a group show at Laurel Gitlen Gallery Septermber 14 - October 23rd 2011.

Jessica Jackson Hutchins

Ryan Foerster is showing new photographs in a group show along with artists Jessica Jackson Hutchins, who is showing amazing ceramic sculptures, and Chadwick Rantanen who is showing radical drawings.

A little blip on Ryan Foerster:

"Ryan Foerster's practice combines photographs, zines and found objects, all taken from the artist's own experience and immediate surroundings. Many images begin as biographical or narrative, but through abstractions from available light become atmospheric compositions, blurring the line between action and accident. Coupled with residual images and errors from a shared darkroom, the works obscure private and public, as representational and abstract images are combined with the readymade."

Adam Marnie at Derek Eller Gallery

My friend Adam Marnie has a solo show at Derek Eller Gallery Septermber 9 - October 8 2011.

Adam Marnie, No Title / October Bouquet (twice split), 2010, color photographs, scotch tape, 6.25 x 6 inches. Photo: Courtesy Derek Eller Gallery.

"Marnie envisions Locus Rubric as a series of movements,
interrelated but distinct. In a process he describes as “remixing,” he collages photographs directly onto
the gallery wall then cuts out a sections of collaged wall, and either frames the removal or
reinserts it elsewhere in the gallery. In another movement,
he cuts through his framed photo collages and into the wall creating a continuous
hole/wound/void that opens into the dark space behind the walls. This in and out, this merging of exteriority and
interiority through rupture generates dynamic irregularities and emphasizes
the corporeal vulnerability of his materials and the images
(often flowers) he represents. He writes, "As an unbroken
image, it is incomplete––a disturbance, a distortion, a fissure of some kind is crucial
to open up the image into an activated space." Marnie's cutting, removing, remixing, and reinventing synergizes into a "volumetric hum" that resists categorization and the quiescence of resolution."

Derek Eller is located at:
615 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001


Marie Losier present Kuchar Brothers!

Dirty Looks: KUCHARS! a rooftop screening

Marie Losier, my sweet darling roommate and friend, is presenting a rooftop screening at silver shed gallery tonight!

George & Mike Kuchar
Lovers of Eternity
, 1964
Lust for Ecstasy
, 1964

George Kuchar
Hold Me While I’m Naked
, 1966

Marie Losier
Electrocute Your Stars
, 2004

Silver Shed

119 West 25th Street, 646-322-3324
August 31 - August 31, 2011
Opening: Wednesday, August 31, 8:30 - 10:30 PM

Web Site


MSG - Opening Ceremony - New Age///\\\New Life - Back Yard Projects

My Friend Morgan Silver Greenberg just had a show at Back Yard Projects called New Age///\\\New Life.
Opening Ceremony did a nice interview with him written by Elizabeth Hirsch.
Check it out....

I remember seeing Morgan's photographs four or five years ago, that he had been casually taking with a small point & shoot camera. They were dreamy, magical, sensitive, thoughtful, and graphically inclined images from his adventures alone and with friends. I encouraged him at the time to show the work to people and pursue his ideas more in depth. Morgan is incredibly intuitive, his creativiity is magnificently abundant, and his humility and openness really shows through in his work. Congratulations Morgan!

Morgan (photo by Nev Schulman)


Ward Magazine // Zach Malfa-Kowalski

Check out my buddy Zach Malfa-Kowalski's feature titled PRETENDERS in

Ward is a bi-monthly online fashion, skate, art magazine based out of London



Harvest Moon

I will be in a group show curated and hosted by Ryan Foerster...

Harvest Moon - Brighton Beach

Opening: Saturday July 23 from 2-8pm
The show runs until August 30th Saturday & Sunday 12-6
And by Appointment

425 Oceanview Ave
at the corner of Brighton 5 street

Artist Include:

Aaron Bobrow
Robin Cameron
Sam Falls
Glenna Foerster
Lukas Geronimas
Rochelle Goldberg
Hunter Hunt Hendrix
Jacob Kassay
Zak Kitnick
Ajay Kurian
Shawn Kuruneru
Erik Lindman
Asher Penn
Grayson Revoir
David Schoerner
Ben Schumacher
Matt Sheridan Smith
Kyle Thurman
Elaine Cameron-Weir

PHOTOSHO - Brighton Beach

Josh Brand
Lindsey Castillo
Anders Goldfarb
Silvianna Goldsmith
Robin Graubard
Pia Howell
Leigh Ledare
Yoshi Matsumura
Josh Tonsfeldt


Camera Club of New York's Second Annual Photo Book and Zine Fair

Please Join me for....

The Camera Club of New York's Second Annual Photo Book and Zine Fair

Organized by Lindsey Castillo

Saturday, July 16 & Sunday, July 17, 2011, 12-6pm

CCNY presents the Second Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair on July 16-17th at CCNY (336 West 37th Street 2nd Floor).The zine and self-published photo book is a contemporary approach to photography in its published form, celebrating the book as well as offering artists a vehicle to spread their art and ideas.The public will be invited to come, browse, purchase and meet the people involved with the burgeoning zine and self-published art world.



CCNY Zine Fair

I've been going through massive amounts of submissions to the Camera Club of New York's Second Annual Zine Fair.
So much work, from around the world, to get excited about.
I will do a post on my top ten favorites from the fair later this week either here on my blog or on the Camera Club's Website.

Stay Tuned..


West Street Gallery

My friend and fellow Camera Club of New York dweller, Ryan Foerster
is showing work at West Street Gallery along side artist Kyle Thurman.
The opening is tonight Thursday June 16 7pm-9pm.


The Second Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair

Domy Books, Austin. © Lindsey Castillo

The Second Annual
Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair

Organized by Lindsey Castillo

Submission Deadline: July 9, 2011

CCNY presents the Second Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair on July 16-17th at CCNY.The zine and self-published photo book is a contemporary approach to photography in its published form, celebrating the book as well as offering artists a vehicle to spread their art and ideas.The public will be invited to come, browse, purchase and meet the people involved with the burgeoning zine and self-published art world.


As part of this year’s Zine and Self-Published Book Fair, CCNY is offering a special workshop course, ZINE IT ALL, taught by Tuomas Korpijaakko. Please click here for more information.


Artists and small publishers are welcome to submit up to 3 different books or zines (limited to 3 copies of each). There is no fee to submit, and all proceeds will be returned to the artist or small publisher. To submit your zine or self-published book please mail or drop off your book during our gallery hours, Monday-Saturday, 12-6pm.



Got back from my Tex-Mexico trip. Just started processing film and scanning...